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Sustainability Policy

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    Blueprint is Catering for the environment.

    Blueprint Catering places a very high priority on issues relating to the maintenance and care of the environment. We currently have in place an environmental management policy and have document procedures relating to environmental management. We have taken steps to ensure affiliation or certifictation for our products from a number of organisations, in particular, our sustainabilty partner Enviroselect.

    Enviroselect is a not-for-profit organisation founded by University of Melbourne students in 2006. Enviroselect encourages small businesses in the hospitality sector to implement environmentally friendly initiatives and recognises their efforts by awarding them the enviroselect mark, a mark that we Blueprint Catering proudly bears.

    Click Here to find out more about Enviroselect

Blueprint Catering & Sustainability

EnviroSelect has assisted Blueprint in implementing a number of internal policies and procedures in place relating to waste and water management, energy management, food and beverage production , food safety and kitchen maintenance. This ensures we seek continuous improvement in all of our environmental practices.

Our sustainable catering initiatives:

  • Our ingredients are a mix of natural, non-GM, free-range, organic, chemical free, always fresh, wholesome and healthy.
  • We choose locally grown, seasonal produce
  • Choose food produced by environmentally friendly production methods
  • Minimise the use of animal products
  • Minimise and reduce food waste by serving appropriate portion sizes and determining accurate catering numbers. Surplus food is donated to local charities instead of going to landfill.
  • We serve Certified Organic Fairtrade Coffee ,Tea and sugar as accredited by Oxfam Australia

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Sustainability in our office and at work:

  • Enable Energy Star functions on office electronic equipment, such as computers and printers, so that equipment "goes to sleep" after a set period of inaction
  • Use recycled paper and reduce the amount of printing you do
  • Set printing to default double sided (duplex printing)
  • Set default black and white printing instead of colour
  • Install timers on equipment such as water boilers and chillers so they do not operate after hours
  • Consider sensors on security lights so they are activated only with movement
  • Use reusable cups instead of disposable
  • Purchase Green Power
  • Encourage car pooling and cycling or walking to work
  • Install tap aerators and dual flush toilets to reduce water consumption
  • Adjust air conditioning thermostats to 25C
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